Fortnite case: Apple admits they don’t want a jury trial


The pulse between the two companies continues to be castled and has no signs of resolution in the immediate future.

Epic Games vs. Apple, Apple vs. Epic Games. The two companies are still locked in a judicial network that will last at least until next year. The Fortnite company asked the judge to force the apple company to restore its battle royale in the iOS Apple Store, a measure that has not yet been taken. In fact, the Court has expressed its preferences: it wants a jury to handle the lawsuit. However, the two contenders have one thing in common: it’s not what they want.

“Epic and Apple have gotten together and talked. Both parties agree that Epic’s complaint against Apple should be tried by the Court, not a popular jury, ”the document says. Thus, with the consent of the creators of Fortnite ”, the two parties have requested that the Court establish a date for the trial.

Two cases in judicial dependencies

At this time, there are two separate cases pending legal action. The first of these is the complaint by Epic Games for alleged monopolistic practices of the firm led by Tim Cook; the second corresponds to Apple’s counterattack, which defends that Fortnite violated the contract when they added prohibited features in the App Store terms of use.

It all started precisely when Epic Games decided to break the terms of use of the service. Almost immediately, those on the block reacted by removing the video game from their store. Meanwhile, Epic uploaded a video to denounce the alleged bad practices of the designers of the iPhone and iPad. Apple has accused them of trying to rekindle players’ interest in Fortnite with an orchestrated marketing campaign from minute 1. According to this company, users have lost much interest in this successful battle royale.

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