Fortnite: Can you really portray your facial expressions?


What if your real easy expressions were soon able to display on the Fortnite video game? It may soon be possible …

The Fortnite game on the phone is packed with technological prowess. Over the years, Epic Games continues to renew itself. In order to offer its players gaming experiences. Rather unique.

And a new invention is therefore likely to shake up the world of video games. Indeed, according to the American media The Verge, Epic Games plans to make a new feature. Coming soon. On Fortnite.

The latter concerns the easy expressions of players in real time. Indeed, initially Fortnite was just a small game. Role-playing. Without real involvement of its players, therefore.

Except that Epic Games is currently working. On a way to extend the user experience even more. To do that, they are putting technology in place. It would allow humans to be included even more, then.

Fortnite is now a real social space. Where players from all over the world communicate with each other. So always virtual.


The publisher of the global video game is therefore thinking of a way to transcribe in real time. The emotions of the players. Just that !

It could not be easier. All it takes is a camera. Or a webcam, then. To make this system work properly, therefore. On a demo video, uploaded by Hyprsense, we know more. On this feature, therefore.

So we see transformed players … In what looks to be bitmojis, therefore, just that. We therefore see them interacting with each other. And have real conversations. Therefore.

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This new feature will therefore give free rein to speech. And will therefore accentuate socialization. A godsend, then, in these difficult times. Where a lot of people are alone, then.

Kim Libreri, who works for Hyprsense, said. About this future feature, then. “The arrival of the Hyprsense team brings us closer to the goal of giving to all creators. Full control of their facial expressions. Down to the tiniest shade. And that’s not all “. This technology will soon be available. For Smarphones. Only, therefore.


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