Fortnite And Yahoo Crash In China


Fortnite: Less than a month after LinkedIn announced the end of its activities in China, two more big tech companies follow suit. This Tuesday (2), Epic Games confirmed the discontinuation of the Fortnite game in the Chinese market, almost at the same time that Yahoo announced its departure from the country.

In both cases, the decisions were motivated by strict measures imposed by the Chinese government in recent months, as a way to increase control over the economy. The new rules hit the technology sector hard.

In the case of video games, titles have to go through a complicated approval process before release, often facing heavy censorship. In addition, local authorities have started to limit the amount of time under-18s spend playing online (3 hours a week).

According to Epic Games, Fortnite’s departure from China will end on November 15, when the country’s servers will shut down. However, the platform no longer accepts new player registrations since yesterday (1st).

Yahoo follows the same path

The end of Yahoo’s activities in China took place on Monday (1), when the well-known search service became unavailable to local Internet users. Launched in the country in 1999, the platform arrived at the Asian giant at a time when the internet was not widespread there, a situation quite different from today.

After a promising start, the company began to reduce its presence in the Chinese market in 2013, when some of the services were no longer offered to the Chinese, including the free email and news platforms. Two years later, the company closed its Beijing office, laying off approximately 300 employees.