Fortnite and Tron, will collaborations go beyond view?


Fortnite connects collaborations and crossovers of all kinds … This time, the Battle Royale game invites Tron to its universe!

Once again, Fortnite is flirting with other licenses to please its players. Thus, the Battle Royale gives you the possibility of dressing yourself in a skin taken from Tron. But that’s not all ! Their collaboration will in any case go beyond the simple skin.

Fortnite and Tron pair up with one of the latest skins available in the game. The game of Battle Royale is by no means its first try.

This time, it is therefore a Sci Fi license that invites itself to the doors of the game. Besides this, the game signed Epic Games had a series of collabs.

We especially know his skins inspired by the heroes of the Avengers, or Stranger Things. By the way, Lara Croft could join the game very soon as well.

We know from minor data that a heroine will lend her features to players. It remains to be seen who it will be on the big day of its release. We just have to wait!

In the meantime, Tron is making his mark in the rich universe of Fortnite. You can take the appearance of one of these heroes from a rather futuristic world and equip yourself with one of these motorcycles!


As a reminder, Tron came out in the 80s with a first film. He was talking to us about AI and futuristic techs, each one crazier than the next.

Later, Disney will therefore take over the license, removing its kitsch side to make it something more modern. A recipe that has worked, it seems.

Today, Fortnite wants to allow you to relive the Tron experience through a Skin, but not only! The collaboration between the two franchises will go much further, in short.

On the map of the game, we then discover a mysterious portal that seems to lead to a world à la Tron. A new clue on this crossover which will therefore continue.

However, the content of this crossover seems blurry to say the least. Although we can already guess what it will be populated with, including new skins and appearances for your cars!

Cosmetics very present in the game, after the appearance of The Flash on Fortnite, which has already caused a sensation. Epic Games, however, remains discreet about what will be in store for us.

One can also imagine the racing challenges on the motorcycles that have contributed to Tron’s notoriety. This new theme is therefore likely to interest players everywhere.

Just like the many other collabs who have managed to conquer fans of all stripes. From Marvel to Star Wars, via Terminator, the choice of skins has something to seduce the gaming community!


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