Fortnite and Tomb Raider preparing for a transition?


Fortnite may well have a nice surprise in store for fans. Tomb Raider could make an appearance in the game very soon.

Fortnite fans started Season 5 a few weeks ago. Rumors have it that the game could feature Tomb Raider.

Fortnite continues to surprise its fans with new features. It’s been several years since Epic Games launched this video game and the brand is enjoying huge success. There are millions of gamers playing it and Epic knows what to do to keep them from getting bored. Thus, the company does not stop innovating to attract its audience.

Thus, over the years, the video game has made many nods, whether it is Marvel or DC. Gamers may have had skins like Aquaman, Iron Man, Volverine or even Batman. Then, the game also made a crossover with Star Wars and the public was able to obtain several skins around this universe.

It’s been several weeks since Fortnite Season 5 kicked off and fans are expecting a lot from it. The new season has its fair share of surprises and gamers can pick up XP Coins. However, they also hope that new skins will be available soon.

Their wish may well come true if more rumors are to be believed. Indeed, the video game could prepare a small crossover with Tomb Raider and gamers could soon have this character in their collection. Besides, we explain everything in detail about it.


Fortnite has a habit of doing many crossover to please fans of the game. Thus, according to dataminer Mang0e, a brand new skin called “Typhoon” could soon be available. This skin will highlight a female character. As Dexerto echoes, the portal on the map proves its arrival with a “twinkle” effect.

At the moment, the name “Typhoon” doesn’t seem to mean much. Moreover, the skin will not keep this name when it arrives in the game. Nevertheless, fans have deduced that this name could be a nod to the reboot of Tomb Raider released in 2013. And for good reason, Lara finds himself on an island, stranded, and faces a violent storm …

So, is there really a connection with “Typhoon”? Not long ago, Fortnite fans got to see a very intriguing detail on the official Tomb Raider Twitter account. In fact, in a tweet, we can discover three emojis: a pickaxe, a woman running and a piece of video game iconography.

So, we can believe that this tweet is indeed a clue to the imminent arrival of Tomb Raider. Still, fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to be sure. At the moment, Epic Games has not announced anything and you better be careful with the rumors …


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