Fortnite Adds Shuffled Shrines, SMG charging and More in the latest update


Fortnite is a game that seems to always remain relevant, despite constant imitators and competitors. In addition to the winning gameplay formula, Fortnite regularly receives significant updates, thanks to which things don’t look too outdated for too long. This is also the case this week, when the latest update of the game adds a new POI, new weapons and much more.

Epic Games’ unchanging battle royale game is in the second month of the 3rd season of Chapter 3. In the “Vibin” season, the island was transformed after IO in the style of a summer festival, and more ethereal places appeared, which became possible thanks to the Tree of Reality. Fortnite is celebrating July 4th by adding a new rocket launcher for fireworks and re-adding Captain America to the item store.

The Fortnite v21.20 update adds quite a lot of different content to the game. Perhaps the biggest component of the update is unlocking the Indiana Jones skin. A temporary exclusive skin of the Battle Pass of the 3rd season of Chapter 3. Players will be able to access the legendary archaeologist and his artifact accessories by completing special quests of the Indiana Jones Battle Pass. Rewards include things like the Raider’s Relics pickaxe, which is the Staff of Ra from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, as well as a host of other suitable cosmetics.

Indiana Jones is just a good old college professor who doesn’t have a temple to attack, so Fortnite provided it with the advent of Shuffled Shrines. Confirming a previous leak of a major Fortnite map change, Shuffled Shrines suddenly appeared on an island located west of POI Joneses. Many of the aforementioned Indiana Jones Battle Pass quests are centered around a new location on the map, so players who want to unlock all of Indy’s cosmetics will want to familiarize themselves with this place.

The other big part of the new Fortnite update is the addition of a brand new Charge SMG. Available through land, chests, supplies, Reality seedlings and Sharks, Charge SMG. It seems to work similarly to a charging shotgun, players will be able to hold down the fire button to create a partial or full charge, releasing a barrage of bullets in a very short time. Adding a new melee weapon is sure to break the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 weapon rating.

And last but not least: the return of the fan-favorite Port-A-Fort item. Inactive for many seasons, the service item generates a steel fort wherever it is thrown. With the end of the week, Ripsaw Launcher weapons for destroying structures are becoming less common on the island, which makes Port-A-Forts a boon to have in your inventory.

Fortnite can be played for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.