Fortnite Adds Neymar Jr. Skin This Tuesday (27)


Fortnite: In an unprecedented move, Epic Games announced that Neymar Jr. will be the first professional athlete to win a skin within Fortnite. The launch will take place on Tuesday (27), and it will be made available to all those who have the Battle Pass of Chapter 2 Season 6.

To add the player’s skin to your relationship you will need to complete a special mission. In addition, performing all these steps will also give you the right to receive the athlete’s uniform, the Soccer Ball Emote Toy, the Matador Loading Screen, the Joia Trophy Black Bling, the Jaguar Strike Pickaxe and the Shhh. Emote. The latter, incidentally, when used will transform the character into a kind of super hero with special armor.

On his official Twitter account, Neymar gave his opinion on the novelty within the game, and took the opportunity to praise the work of the producer.

So, interested in purchasing the new Fortnite skin? What did you think of the result? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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