Fortnite 2 Season 4: how to unlock Battle Pass skins


Fortnite received the Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass this Thursday (27). After weeks of teasers released, Epic Games made Season 4 official by doing a crossover with Marvel. With the pass, Battle Royale receives new cosmetic items inspired by eight characters from the American publisher, including Thor and Iron Man. To access the content, the player must purchase the standard pass for 950 V-Bucks (approximately R $ 55.91), or the second option with the first 25 levels unlocked, for 2800 V-Bucks (approximately R $ 139, 78). See below for a summary of the “Interdimensional War” Battle Pass.

The skins

Thor’s skin will be unlocked at level 1. At level 22, the player guarantees the skin Jennifer Walters, civilian identity of She-Hulk, and the variant Crimson. Groot, companion to Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy, is the guaranteed look at level 38. At levels 53, 67 and 80, the player will unlock the Storm, Doctor Doom and Mystique skins, and the Punk, God Emperor and Tactical variants , respectively. Finally, at level 93, the Tony Stark skin, Iron Man’s civil identity, is unlocked.

And the eighth skin?

This was dedicated to Wolverine, one of the most famous in the X-Men saga. To unlock it, the player must complete a series of weekly challenges for the character. Once the skin is unlocked, it will be possible to obtain the Classic variant. Previously, Epic used a similar process to release Deadpool and Aquaman skins.

Awakening Challenges

If the player reaches certain levels of the Battle Pass and completes the challenges for each character, he will unlock specific emotes. For Thor, the God of Thunder emote is unlocked at level 29. The Gamma Overload (She-Hulk), Battle Brothers (Groot), Gale Force (Storm) and Shapeshifter (Mystic) emotes are unlocked at levels 29, 46, 60 and 86 – respectively. Finally, reaching level 100, the player releases the Iron Man Suit Up emote.

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Important details

In addition to the skins and emotes of the Awakening challenges, the player will be able to get V-Bucks, dances, and more themed items from Marvel characters by evolving the pass. These include hang gliding, sprays, loading screens, banners and emoticons. It is also possible to unlock musical packs at levels 18 (“War’s Horizon”), 35 (“Might”) and 61 (“Menance”).


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