Fortnite – 14.50 patch notes: update changes and news


We tell you what are the most important changes and news of Fortnite patch 14.50. Fortnite Battle Royale Patch 14.50 Notes.

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, patch 14.50 arrived in Fortnite. This content update belongs to Season 4 of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass. Here are the patch notes, as well as the most important changes and news that it has brought to Fortnite Battle Royale:

Changes and fixes with Fortnite patch 14.50

Patch 14.50 brought Fortnite Battle Royale, as usual, a relatively extensive list of changes and fixes, which we have seen by reading the official Fortnite Trello, from Epic Games:

General Battle Royale Mode Changes and Fixes

The Cozy Chomps and Ravage skins appeared as the Ramirez skin. This has been fixed.
The achievement “THWIP!” It was not unlocked after meeting its requirements (eliminating an opponent just after pulling him with a harpoon weapon). It has been fixed.

Creative changes and general fixes

Boloncho’s movement is strange after leaving it. It has been corrected.
There is no “go back to hub” option when we choose to play on a Creative server. This has been corrected.

Save the World changes and general fixes

After patch 14.30, some weapons and abilities were not working properly. It has been fixed.
Taking damage from the storm causes us to get off the Hoverboard. This should not happen, and has been fixed.
The control did not respond if, after opening a Llama, we used the menu button. It has been fixed.

General Fortnite Mobile Fixes and Changes

Sometimes on Nintendo Switch the audio sounds delayed, and sometimes there is no sound. It has been fixed.

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Epic Games Mail for Fortnite Patch 14.50 Content Creators

Since Epic Games does not release the patch notes as such, it sends an email to Fortnite content creators instead. This is a rough translation of the one you sent for patch 14.50:

  • The jetpacks arrive on the island.
  • Lachlan arrives in the game: his skin is added to the archives, and his tournament will be held very soon.
  • Fortnite prepares for the new generation: Epic Games’ video game receives changes and adjustments to prepare it for the arrival of the new PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and
  • Xbox Series S consoles.
  • New extra challenges with group assistance: in order to get the special skins of the Season 4 Battle Pass, Fortnite adds new challenges to obtain experience.


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