Forspoken Has Three Graphics Options On PS5, One Of Them With Ray Tracing


Forspoken: Square Enix has confirmed that Forspoken will follow the current gaming trend and offer three different options for setting the graphics on PS5. Players will be able to opt for more or less resolution, in addition to a mode that enables ray tracing.

The information comes from Raio Mitsuno, creative producer at Forspoken. It lists the following options:

Performance mode: 1440p resolution running at 60 fps
Graphics mode: 4K resolution running at 30fps
Ray tracing mode: no resolution and framerate information for now

Unfortunately we don’t have details about the ray tracing mode, but as the feature was separated into a third graphic option for the game, it’s to be expected that it’s quite heavy and won’t allow very high resolutions. And maybe the framerate is also at 30fps, but that’s speculation.

Forspoken’s creators also talked a little bit about how the game will support the features offered by DualSense. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are two of the PS5 controles controllers big differences over DualShock 4, and the developers plan to take advantage of that:

“For example, using adaptive triggers, we add tactile feedback when you use different types of spells. We have several different magic spells you can use in the game, and planners and designers have worked on how to differentiate the feedback you get from the controller to face one of those magic spells.” – declared Takeshi Aramaki, director of the game.