Formula 1 2020 Istanbul Park GP winner: Hamilton


The Formula 1 2020 race, which took place on the Istanbul Park track again after 10 years, came to an end. Formula 1 2020 Istanbul Park GP winner was Lewis Hamilton. Unable to prevent his emotions during the celebrations, Hamilton shed tears of joy.

Formula 1 2020 Istanbul Park GP winner: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was in the 1st place, Sergio Perez was 2nd and Sebastian Vettel was 3rd. Long after Furmol 1 races held in Turkey hosted the interesting scene. While the f1 pilots had a hard time due to the rainfall, the problems experienced prevented the pilots from concentrating.

Formula 1 2020 İstanbul Park GP birincisi belli oldu

Drivers had a hard time due to rain in the race held today. Starting the race in 6th place, Hamilton displayed an extraordinary performance and qualified to take place at the top of the podium.

Having won 7 championships with his first place this year, Hamilton proved himself once again by overcoming difficult track conditions in the best way. This year, 10 times that experienced pilots first hand, will leave as the champion of Turkey. Hamilton, who has the same number of wins as F1 legend Michael Schumacher, said, “This year I paid more attention to my health than in other years. I would like to share my championship with my family and fans, but due to the pandemic I will not be able to fulfill my wishes. ”Used expressions.

Formula 1 2020 races will continue with the Bahrain stage.

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