Former X5 designer criticizes BMW


Standing out with its sports cars, the German automotive giant BMW has been criticized a lot for its vehicles designed for the new period. The automaker, which adopted a different concept in its new period vehicles compared to the old, was criticized by Frank Stephenson, the former designer of the X5.

“A vehicle that lost the soul of the iX”

Describing the iX model as a new age of mobility, BMW’s electric car does not have a structure as tall and wide as the X5 model. At the same time, the New iX does not have as much wheelbase as an X7. This structure of the new iX will provide a large interior space, according to Stephenson. At the same time, the main focus of the car designer, who thinks that these proportions can be beautiful, is on the front grilles.

Stephenson thinks the newly designed front grilles are too big, and the rest of the car is not in tension. While BMW describes this revamped as a minimalist design, former designer Stephenson argues that it’s too simple.

Saying that the vehicle does not move, the former designer said, “For me, this is not the right way to design the moving object. I prefer the vehicle to look like it is ready to move, ”he says. Stating that this is due to the lack of lines of the vehicle, Stephenson states that even though BMW understands the interest in simplicity like the grille, they also go too far by calling it the age of mobility.

Also, former designer Stephenson continues his speech as follows; “The absence of lines can turn a vehicle into something almost static, I think this car looks very static when viewed from the side”.

Criticizing BMW’s new generation design perception, Stephenson finally says; “It’s a vehicle that has almost lost its soul. I don’t mean criticizing the product designer here. But products look like products, cars look like cars. It’s not the same profession. ”

What do you think about BMW’s new generation design and electric car iX?


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