Former WWE NXT Star Arrested for Assaulting Gym Employee


From time to time, as in any sport, a WWE wrestler finds himself on the wrong end of a police badge, and not only in the case of drama in the ring. In this case, as in other stories about the recent criminal activities of former wrestlers, Patrick Clark, better known to fans as the Velvet Dream, now joins this infamous line-up.

According to the website Clark was arrested on August 20 for assaulting a gym employee in Florida. These are not the first charges brought against the former NXT wrestler, who was expelled back in 2021.

The last time an arrest was made in connection with WWE, it was for the actions Ronda Rousey took to detain SmackDown after paying her recent fines, but the desire to fight her suspension and, as a rule, where these things remain: in the ring. The situation with former wrestler Clark, however, involves allegations of actual assault, including violent assaults. According to law enforcement agencies involved in the case, the whole incident exploded due to the fact that Clark did not want to vacate part of the gym, which, according to employees, was banned so that it could be removed.

An unnamed gym employee told reporters that Clark then exploded because he was told what to do, at which point the employee asked Clark to leave the gym altogether. That was when Clark started threatening to kill an employee—a threat that has weight comes from anyone, but more so comes from a combat-trained athlete. Clark then began attacking the employee, punching him several times before moving on to Mike Tyson’s finisher, biting the victim. The arrest records state that the officers “noticed teeth marks on the employee’s left chest, near the armpit.”

This is not the first time Clark has been charged, and Deadspin reports numerous allegations of sending indecent images to minors, which is a very serious charge. This recent assault on a gym employee adds to this list. It wasn’t Clark’s first time in trouble in the sunshine state, or even his first assault and battery charge. He was arrested on August 26 in Orlando, Florida, on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, and on August 20, the state also filed a lawsuit against the former WWE wrestler when he was arrested for first-degree battery and trespassing after a warning.


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