Former Stray Kids, Woojin Denies Sexual Abuse


Former member of Stray Kids, Woojin Ex Stray, denied that he committed sexual harassment which has been busy in public discussion on Social Media for several days.

Through his Twitter account, he uploaded his statement regarding the accusation.

“Hello. This is Woojin Kim. Today, I am in a strange situation. Someone on Twitter posted a strange rumor and deleted the account. I have never met the person, and I have never been to a place as stated, ”he wrote.

“I have faced shameful accusations. I am posting this post to let my fans know what really happened, ”he explained.

It is known, Kim Woojin is busy being the subject of conversation on Twitter. Based on this media observation on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, his name topped the list of trending topics for the Indonesian state.

This began with the recognition of the owner of the Twitter account @ a1b3c4s9, who was sexually harassed by a Kpop idol from South Korea’s top 3 agency (Big 3).

No half-hearted, he gave the initials of the name as well as the agency where the idol belongs.

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