Former Stray Kids Woojin Denies That He Has Sexual Harassment


Ex Stray Kids member Woojin denies sexual harassment claims, igniting fresh online anger and accusations of dishonesty. After a Twitter user claimed she and a friend were harassed by a K-pop star named Woo, Woojin issued a denial. His ‘label’, which later threatened legal action, was investigated and found to be a recent invention.

K-pop star Kim Woo-jin, a former member of boy band Stray Kids, has denied accusations of sexual harassment which emerged on social media this week.

An anonymous Twitter user, who has since deleted their account, claimed that she and a friend were sexually harassed by an “idol who is really loved by his fans”. In a series of tweets on September 8, the user claimed to have met Woojin at a bar in Seoul during the coronavirus outbreak, where he allegedly tried to touch them inappropriately without their consent and despite repeated protests.

Former member of K-pop boy band Stray Kids, Kim Woo-jin, has taken to social media to deny accusations of sexual harassment.

Kim posted on Twitter on Tuesday (Sep 8) that he had never even met the person making the allegation.

He wrote: “Today, I had an absurd experience. Someone posted a strange rumour on Twitter and then deleted their account. I’ve never even met that person, and I’ve never been to the places that they’ve mentioned. I know my fans must have been very shocked, but don’t worry too much because it’s not true.”

Earlier that day, an anonymous Twitter user posted allegations of sexual harassment against an idol without actually naming the person.

Speculation was rife that Kim was the idol in question.

The Twitter user, who has since deleted the account, wrote in a series of tweets that she and a friend had met this “idol who is really loved by his fans” in a bar in Seoul and that this person touched them inappropriately after they rejected his advances.

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Since then, other anonymous Twitter users have also accused Kim of sexual harassment, with some people naming him and mentioning similar instances of him making unwanted sexual advances towards them.

Along with his denial of the allegations, Kim also took the opportunity to plug his new solo project, telling fans that he had found an agency that his “heart agrees with” and that he was working hard to “prepare for solo promotions”.

He added that his new label plans to take legal action against anyone who spreads false rumours.

Kim was a member of the boy band Stray Kids until October last year when he left because of personal reasons.


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