Former Spanish Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Disney


Former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is under investigation by the Justice Department for allegedly spending money from her political campaign on personal trips and vacations for her and her family, CBS has revealed.

In recent weeks, former members of his staff have been subpoenaed to provide records or appear before a grand jury to discuss spending thousands of dollars on a 2017 trip to Walt Disney World with their children and grandchildren, a stay at hotels in New York and Miami, the city where he resides, and a seafood restaurant in South Florida.

As revealed by CBS, the former politician spent $ 3,756 at Walt Disney World in Orlando; $ 10,260 at the Palace hotel in New York. $ 27,716 at the W Hotel in South Beach, Miami; $ 5,892 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on Amelia Island; and $ 3,104 at the Mesamar Seafood Table.

The former federal congresswoman has not made any statements in this regard despite the fact that her lawyer, Jeffrey Weiner, confirmed that the Cuban-American, who was the first Hispanic to hold a position in the United States Congress.

“She and her former staff members and volunteers are cooperating fully with the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice,” Wiener explained in a statement. “We are compiling the information requested by the Department of Justice and we are confident that, if accounting errors were made, they were due to negligence and not willful or willful misconduct by the former congresswoman or any member of her staff or her accountants.”


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