Former Professional Woman CS: GO Player Sentenced to 116 Years in Prison


A woman who was a former professional CS: GO player was sentenced to a prison term that was difficult even for 116 years. The Brazilian actress who is now publishing was accused of fraud.

Former professional CS: GO player Shay “shAay” Victorio was sentenced to 116 years in prison for defrauding more than 100 customers through a partner company. Victorio decided to quit the e-sports arena last year.

Brazilian Shay Victorio defrauded over 100 customers through his online store between 2013-2017. Victorio did not send the products they bought to customers, but refused their refund requests. The São Paulo regional court ruled by hearing 118 people filing lawsuits against shAay.

In his statement from his Instagram account, Victorio stated that he was not arrested and that a problem caused by his ex-husband harmed him. Currently, Brazilian law can impose up to 30 years in prison for fraud. So Victorio can theoretically object to the decision.

Shay professionally played Counter-Strike for 11 years and withdrew from the competitive arena in May 2019. Mibr worked with ProGaming, paiN, Santos Dexterity, Bootkamp and finally Keyd Stars CS: GO.


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