Former Patriot RB Tells What Tom Brady Would Do During Rookie Lunches


Earlier this week, former Ohio State receiver Garrett Wilson appeared on The Pivot podcast featuring NFL veterans Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder.

During the segment, Wilson found out how much his rookie dinner might cost. “They told me about the dinner. I have to take all the receivers to dinner. It’s going to be cool, I’m really excited about it,” Wilson said before learning about the huge price.

“It’s not going to be cool,” Ryan Clark said, before Fred Taylor reported that the bill could be around $75,000.” Wilson was stunned at first before saying—or at least hoping out loud: “No, they won’t make me for $75.” K. I’m not going to pretend.”

Also in the conversation was a story about former New England Patriots quarterback and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Taylor said the seven-time Super Bowl champion would buy a bottle of wine worth more than $3,000 to pay the newcomers, but only take a sip.

“Tom [Brady] would go there and buy a bottle of wine for three, four, five thousand dollars, take one sip and say good night,” Taylor said.

All newcomers must pay fees…