Former NU’EST Member Kim Jong Hyun (JR) Spoke Honestly About His Concerns About His Upcoming Solo Debut


In a recent interview and photo shoot for 1st Look magazine, Kim Jong Hyun (JR) shared his honest thoughts about his upcoming solo debut.

Kim Jong Hyun is currently preparing to release his first solo mini-album “MERIDIEM” after officially disbanding NU’EST earlier this year.

During an interview after filming for 1st Look, the singer admitted that initially he was haunted by fear when he started working on his new album. “Since this is the first album I release under my own name, which I filled exclusively with my voice, I was honestly more scared than excited,” said Kim Jong Hyun.

“But while I was working on the album, I kept thinking, ‘What will my fans think when they hear this?’ ‘How will they react?'” he continued. “And thanks to this process, I was able to calm my fears somewhat.”

Then the singer shared: “Since this is the first solo album I have released since my debut 10 years ago, I have worked very hard to show artist Kim Jong Hyun [through the album], including songs of my own composition. Please wait for it.”

Kim Jong Hyun’s first solo mini-album “MERIDIEM” is currently scheduled to be released on November 8 at 18:00. KST. Check out all the teasers of his solo debut here!


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