Former Nintendo Employees Say that Pokemon Compared Nuzlocke Launches to ROM Hacking


Kit & Krysta, a YouTube duo who previously worked at Nintendo and worked on the Nintendo Minute show, stated that The Pokemon Company once stated that Nuzlocke launches in Pokemon games are at the same level as using ROM hacks. Nuzlocke run, for the uninitiated, are special rules that Pokemon fans impose on yourself for a more complex task.

In Nuzlocke Runs, if a Pokemon loses consciousness, it needs to be released into the wild. In addition, players are only allowed to catch the first wild Pokemon they encounter in any given area. Needless to say, this makes Pokemon games significantly more challenging than they would otherwise be. It can also lead to a lot of tense and exciting moments, which is why many Pokemon franchise content creators use Nuzlocke Challenge for their videos.

It seems that Kit and Krista once presented a Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge video for Nintendo Minute, but this idea was rejected. According to the duo, The Pokemon Company stated that Nuzlocke launches were at the same level as using ROM hacks. This controversial statement attracted the attention of Joe Merrick, the webmaster of the Pokemon Serebii website, who contacted The Pokemon Company for clarification on this issue.

Merrick says The Pokemon Company has stated that it has no Problem with Fans/creators who play Pokemon games according to the rules of Nuzlocke. However, based on Keith and Krista’s story, it’s safe to assume that The Pokemon Company doesn’t necessarily want those who make content for official Nintendo videos, such as Nintendo Minute, to participate in Nuzlocke runs. And while we don’t have an official reason why this is the case, there seems to be one obvious answer.

Pokemon who have lost consciousness in the Nuzlocke Challenge races are considered “dead”, which is in sharp contrast to the Pokemon family image. While the Pokemon franchise deals with such serious topics as death, and there are especially many disturbing moments in the Pokemon manga, it is logical that The Pokemon Company would like to avoid the official seal of approval of fan-created rules with dark shades, such as the Nuzlocke Challenge, by showing it in a Nintendo Minute video.

Nintendo Minute, for the uninitiated, was a web series hosted on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, in which over 400 episodes were released over eight years. It featured a wide range of Nintendo content, from gameplay previews to interviews with some of the company’s most famous developers. The eight-year history of the Nintendo Minute unexpectedly came to an end in December 2021.


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