Former NFL executive aptly criticized Browns and Deshaun Watson


People in the NFL looked a little askance at the Browns when the team decided to trade Deshaun Watson.

They gave them even more when they paid him a guaranteed $230 million.

Now former Packers executive Andrew Brandt is weighing Brown’s decision, which looks worse every day. Calling it “comical.”

“To think [the Browns] look at the reports and think: “God, we have to get out of this contract with Watson!” comically,” Brandt tweeted. “The reports on his behavior are no different from what it was during the year. Knowing this, they refused the first 3 and the most convenient contract for players in history.”

Deshaun Watson is now facing 24 civil lawsuits for his alleged behavior. It is reported that he made an appointment with at least 66 masseuses for 17 months.

It’s a pretty stunning drop for a three-time pro bowler who has been praised for his leadership and character coming from Clemson.

The legal side still needs to be worked out. But right now, things are not looking good for the 230-million-person Browns.