Former NBA Star Crushed over Kendall Jenner Remark


Andrew Bogut found himself in a quandary after the apparent attacks on Kendall Jenner.

Bogut commented on Jenner last Friday night after it became known that she and Devin Booker had ended their relationship.

“After the 2022 NBA Draft ended yesterday, one big name hasn’t found a home yet,” Bogut tweeted. “Which team will take on @KendallJenner?? Solid talent, versatile. ?? Signs around the team culture + the habit of endless self-promotion. Doctors will need to be treated, as the body was beaten.”

It was a clear snapshot of Jenner’s dating history, as he hinted that she was sleeping around.

Then on Tuesday night, he offered a fake apology and decided to continue pursuing Jenner.

“I would like to officially apologize for this tweet,” Bogut wrote. “My scouting analysis forgot to include the elite level of rebounds. I will strive for more in the future.”

We’ll have to see if Bogut picks up these tweets and makes a real apology.