Former lawyer Jeffrey Dahmer, a survivor, tells how traumatic the experience was after repeated visits to the Netflix series


The real crime drama “Dahmer Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer” has conquered Netflix. For a while, it remained the No. 1 series on streamers, but the series was also heavily criticized. Many have spoken out against it, including the brothers and sisters of Dahmer’s victims and the journalist who first published the story. Now the lawyer of one of Dahmer’s surviving victims has spoken about how traumatic his experience with the killer was.

Paul Ksitsinsky represented Tracy Edwards, who escaped from Dahmer’s apartment in 1991. After he escaped, he stopped a patrol car and, handcuffing one of his wrists, told officers that he had almost been killed by Dahmer. This sparked an investigation that led to Dahmer’s arrest. It was also when Dahmer confessed to killing 17 people. Edwards’ story is shown in the first episode of “Damer”, however, Xitzinski explained that Edwards’ life changed for the worse after he encountered a serial killer. The lawyer explained to Fox News:

In a nutshell, I described it this way: the incident with Dahmer turned Tracy into Humpty Dumpty – he was never able to put the pieces together in his life. Sometimes he could seem or even sound, for lack of a better term, like normal. But he wasn’t. After that, he was never able to fix his life. He was abusing drugs and abusing alcohol. He didn’t have a home. He was just jumping from place to place. It ruined his life. I do not know how or what he could have done to put it all back together.

After surviving this encounter, Edwards was charged with several crimes. In 2011, Xitsinsky took Edwards as a client because Edwards was accused of throwing a man off a bridge and driving him to death. The lawyer noted that Edwards has always been haunted by what Dahmer did, and it still affects him.

He called Dahmer the devil. In the end, I came to the conclusion that he never sought any psychological or psychiatric help in connection with what happened to him. Instead, he decided to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs on the street. He didn’t go for treatment because it would make him remember what happened. But he told about what happened to him. He described the smell of death when he entered Dahmer’s apartment, how Dahmer put his head on his chest to hear his heartbeat. He described how Dahmer said, “I’m going to have to eat your heart.”

Xitzinski noted that Edwards always took responsibility for what he did. He also explained that Edwards did not ask for any of this, and it is quite logical that he does not want to remember what happened to him. This coincides with what Rita Isbell, the sister of Errol Lindsay, Dahmer’s victim, said. She noted that when she watched the show, she had the feeling that she was reliving what had happened, and it brought back the emotions she had experienced in those moments. Edwards’ lawyer acknowledged how difficult this situation is for those who have faced it, saying:

Post-traumatic stress disorder is real. This is not what is being produced. People go through incredibly traumatic events, and each person copes with it in their own way. You don’t know what this person has been through and how he is coping. And it might help to know that before making a judgment.

Evan Peters has brought to life many unpleasant characters, but Dahmer is one of the most vicious. Although the show was one of the most popular on the TV program for 2022, many stories have emerged about how disturbing it is and how the victims have had to cope with their trauma since Dahmer was caught.


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