Former Google engineer shuts down AI church


According to TechCrunch, Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer convicted of stealing driverless car secrets, is closing his artificial intelligence-focused church Way of the Future (WOTF).

Regarding this situation, which is seen as a somewhat sinister end of the “pursuit of the realization, acceptance and worship of an Artificial Intelligence-based Deity” as preparation for the singularity of the church, it is thought that humanity will have to cope with artificial intelligence without the guidance of religion.

The closing process of the church started in June 2020

Levandowski initiated the process of closing WOTF in June 2020, according to documents found by TechCrunch and filed in the state of California. Never had regular meetings or a physical building built, the Church’s $ 175,172 funds were donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Levandowski worked on autonomous vehicles at Google, then founded his own driverless trucking company Otto and later sold it to Uber. At one point in his journey from Google to Uber, Lewandowski got some internal documents from the search giant, prompting Google to sue Uber in 2017.

In this context, the engineer was found guilty of trade secret theft in 2020. Levandowski, however, was sentenced to a shortened 18-month prison term following the outbreak, but was pardoned by former President Donald Trump before leaving office.


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