Former Google CEO wants to create fuel-powered airship


The co-founder and former CEO of Google, Sergey Brin, now dedicates efforts and investments in other sectors, such as new forms of mobility and alternative sources of energy. And one of these segments, it seems, involves the creation of an airship that aims to revolutionize the industry.

The TechCrunch website analyzed a job offer on Brin’s company page, LTA Research, and noted that it contains some information about a future company project. The idea is to create a 1.5 megawatt hydrogen propulsion system for a large airship. The vehicle must be able to either deliver supplies to hard-to-reach regions or experiencing natural disasters or to transport people.

The professional sought, who will be the sector manager, must supervise all stages of attracting partners and investments, in addition to the production of the vehicle – which includes a series of safety protocols, such as hydrogen storage.

The return of the airships?

For now, there is no forecast for the start of commercial activities for LTA Research creations or conceptual images of the project.

And it is not alone in the sector: other engineering companies have resumed the use of airships as sustainable transport in the concept field or with products already taken from paper. This is the case with Airlander 10 and Air Venture’s zeppelin Eureka, citing just a few examples from recent years.