Former French first lady apologized for video in which she mocked the measures against Covid-19


Former French first lady apologized for video in which she mocked the measures against Covid-19.

Carla Bruni published a message on her social networks apologizing for her actions during a gala in France in late February, where she assures that “she is not afraid of the coronavirus.”

The model and former first lady of France Carla Bruni responded to the wave of criticism she received after a video went viral in which she scoffed at the safeguard measures recommended by health authorities.

The video in question shows her during her visit to Paris Fashion Week, in late February, where she greeted the audience with two kisses on the cheek and then coughed without covering her mouth with her arm, all this while laughing at the situation.

In the video viralized on Twitter, the model is seen laughing and saying “we are from the old generation, we are not afraid of anything, we are not feminists, we are not afraid of the coronavirus. Nothing!” as translated by the Spanish media El País .

The unfortunate declarations generated the repudiation of the Europeans after the recent viralization of the video, since in this it seems that she mocked a pandemic that has left more than 3,000 dead in the old continent.

Faced with the situation, Bruni published an apology on her social networks, further explaining the situation. Despite acknowledging it was a “bad taste joke”, the former first lady excused herself, assuring that “at the moment, in a certain context, told to a certain person, the joke does not mean anything. Taken out of context, that joke can become infamous. ”

The woman also argued that she did not know that it was being recorded, and that the images were edited to exaggerate the fact, in order to give “an unfortunate display of humor”, at a time when the country was still adopting safeguard measures against the outbreak.


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