Former EXO Member Kris Wu Detained On Suspicion Of Rape


Former EXO member Kris Wu detained on suspicion of rape.  Police provided updated information on the investigation.

On July 8, Du Meizhu made several posts on Weibo, claiming she was induced to attend a drinking party at Kris Wu’s house. Wu’s then-manager claimed it was for the female lead role in an upcoming music video, which eventually led to her having sex with Wu while she was drunk. She also revealed that several victims had contacted her, claiming to have similar experiences with Kris.

Wu quickly denied the charges, saying:

If there were such actions, don’t worry, I will go to jail myself !! I take legal responsibility for my words above!!

Chinese police revealed the results of their initial investigation on July 22, detailing the deception, blackmail, and extortion involved. They have already posted an update on the subject:

After police investigated online reports of “Wu Yi Fan tricking girls into having sex several times,” Wu Yi Fan (male, 30, Canadian) was detained by Chaoyang police on suspicion of rape. The case is ongoing.
Chaoyang Police

What can happen to Kris under Chinese law: Can Kris Wu be sentenced to prison terms and even death sentences after child abuse charges?

The case is still pending resolution.


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