Former Cryptopia Employee Stole Cryptocurrency


It was announced that 250 thousand dollars worth of crypto money was stolen from the Cryptopia exchange. Local police reported that the thief, who was allegedly a former employee of the exchange, had nothing to do with the $ 24 million hack.

A former employee of the Cryptopia exchange, who was subjected to a massive hacking attack in 2019, was accused of stealing $ 250,000 worth of cryptocurrency through a link. It was also said that customer information was stolen along with the money. It was reported that the crypto coins allegedly stolen were returned to Grant Thornton.

It was said that the criminal in question went to court in October, and that he would appear before the court again in December after this incident. According to police statements, the former stock exchange employee has no connection with the massive hacking attack that took place in January 2019.

What happened in 2019?

New Zealand-based Cryptopia exchange, which lost $ 23 million in January 2019 due to a group of hackers, lost 15% of its assets consisting of approximately 900 different cryptocurrencies. The incident was first announced as a security flaw by the stock market, then New Zealand police were involved. This incident was recorded as the worst theft in New Zealand’s history. The police responded to the questions about who might be behind the attack as follows:

“Someone local? An organized crime group somewhere in New Zealand? An international person? It could be anyone. ”

Listing mostly Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Cryptopia announced its bankruptcy, leaving many users in a difficult situation after the attack. The Grant Thornton agency, responsible for the bankruptcy process, said it wanted to bear some of the damage. Grant Thornton spent exactly $ 3 million to secure cryptocurrencies on the exchange.


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