Former College Football Star Wins USFL MVP Award


Former TCU receiver KaVontae Turpin, who was kicked out of school for domestic violence in 2018, was named the 2022 USFL Most Valuable Player.

Since the Associated Press began voting for the award in 1957, none of the wide-profile clubs have won the MVP, so this is another way the resurgent spring football league has deviated. Turpin led the league with 540 receiving yards in 10 games, and also accounted for the season’s only punt return for a touchdown.

The 25-year-old helped the Generals lead the eight-team league in total offense, ending the season with a nine-game winning streak. On Saturday, they will face the Philadelphia Stars for a spot in the championship game.

Turpin’s talent has never been an issue, as he averaged 12.1 yards per catch over four seasons at TCU, returning four punts and two kickoffs for a touchdown. However, he pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend after he was expelled from school.

According to NBC 5 Dallas Fort-Worth, police said witnesses saw Turpin “raping” a woman, “grabbing her neck from behind with one hand, her legs dragging her legs as she kicked and screamed at him.” He served two years of probation.

A criminal record was probably a major reason why Turpin never got an opportunity in the NFL. Given the league’s track record in dealing with such issues, perhaps his game will still lead to a chance.