Former claim: Melanie Mueller “slipped into right-wing circles”


Mike Blumer opposes serious charges against Melanie Mueller (34)! There have been bad rumors about the party-goer since the beginning of the week. The reason: at one of their concerts, some visitors shouted right-wing extremist slogans. Although the ex-bachelor candidate distanced herself from such an idea, a video appeared in which her statement looks doubtful: the musician must show the banned Hitler salute several times. She has already distanced herself from these recordings. But her ex Mike Blumer has now declared: Melanie should move in right circles!

In an interview with RTL, Mike, who was married to her for about seven years before her divorce, has now found harsh words. “She got into the right circles after she broke up with me — including through her partner. I warned her several times. But it is currently without a leader, and we are now seeing the result of this,” he said. Her former manager also stressed: “I hope that at some point she will turn on her brain again. I can’t believe the whole story. I’m shocked, confused, speechless. I no longer recognize the person of Mellie Mueller, who has become my wife again.”

Is Mike most worried about all this? His two children together with Melanie! “In coordination with the Department of Juvenile Affairs and other institutions, I first took the children to my place so that nothing strange would happen. We have joint custody, and I am also obliged to take care of them. I am also not ready to return her children to her.” Mia and Matty will stay with him for a while-and, as they say, they are being kept “away from all this.” “I noticed that even my friends and I are being bullied because of the video on the street.”


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