A Former Apple Worker Designed VR Operating System Prototype (Video)


Large technology companies continue their studies on virtual reality technology, which has a great potential. However, it is not only technology companies that work in this field.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology continues to be an area that is being developed and developed by big technology companies day by day. Mattheaus Krenn is one of the names that confuse VR technology. Krenn has developed a concept for the virtual reality operating system interface.

Krenn, who previously worked in companies such as Microsoft and Apple, is a name that has worked for years in Apple’s Prototyping team. Krenn specifically worked on Apple under the umbrella of FaceID, portrait mode and Force Touch.

Virtual reality operating system

However, Krenn’s main dream was a full-fledged virtual reality operating system. Krenn left Apple, one of the biggest companies in the tech world, to realize this dream. Kreen also gave Inputmag an interview about concept design.

Krenn states that he started the VR operating system with simple criteria and principles, where he was considered a minimally viable product prototype for a new type of desktop operating system.

Krenn states that the screens on the computers we use today are quite limiting, while he states that computer technologies are constantly improving, but we are constantly being restricted to these screens.

Speaking about the prototype he was working on, Krenn said that the prototype is not in a good condition at the moment and that special equipment is needed to operate it. Krenn also said that a very powerful GPU is needed for the prototype to work. Mattheaus Kreen stated that his next goal is to make the operating system available to everyone.