A Forgotten Bag Found in 1957 in a School


In Ohio, the USA, a forgotten bag was found in 1957. It is unknown how the bag in a secondary school is forgotten. The children of the owner of the bag, who died in 2013, say that they will keep this bag until the end of their lives.

An unprecedented incident took place at the North Canton Middle School in Ohio, USA. The lost bag of a woman who is not even alive at the moment but studied at that school in her childhood was found 63 years later. The bag, which was found to belong to a woman named Patti Rumfola, was somehow stuck between the wall and the cabinets.

A post from the school’s Facebook page uncovered Rumfola’s bag, which died in 2013. When the woman’s children contacted the school and opened the bag, they found out what items their mothers had at that time and some images of their mothers taken at that time. The fact that the bag was found years later gave Rumfola’s children emotional moments.

Where the bag disappeared in 1957
It is not known why Rumfola put the bag in that narrow space. Moreover, under normal conditions, the space in the place you see above does not appear. Chas Pyle, a school attendant, removed a compartment that closed that gap while doing a repair on cabinets and encountered this red bag. The school administration, who determined who the bag belongs to, then wanted to deliver it to its owner through a post on Facebook accounts.

According to the statements made by the school administration, Rumfola had 5 children and all of the children came to the school together to receive this bag. When the dusty bag was opened, some items showing the life of Rumfola were revealed. Now let’s look at the items in this bag from 63 years ago.

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As you can see in the image above, a few items such as pencil, lipstick, eraser, poplar, comb and ruler came out of the bag in question. In addition to these, they found only 26 cents in the bag and a few photos. The children, who also examined the photographs, learned that their mother had a dog in 1950.

Nobody knows how Rumfola, whose school life ended and started teaching in 1960, put the bag in question in that little corner or dropped it. Their children wanted to know more about both this bag and their mother’s dog, but unfortunately they could not obtain healthy information. Rumfola’s children say that this bag is a souvenir for them, saying that they will keep the bag for the rest of their lives.


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