Forget about Nightwing: Harley Quinn Officially Has DC’s Most Important Novel


Warning: Poison Ivy spoilers ahead #2.

Arguments about Nightwing’s romantic life are inappropriate in the face of the most influential couple in the District of Columbia: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The love triangle between Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and Starfire may be interesting to discuss, but the romance between Harley and Ivy potentially saves the world. The latest issue of Poison Ivy reveals more about Pamela Easley’s apocalyptic plans and how her love for Harley humanizes the world around her.

As fans know, the romance of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy has been steadily developing for many years. Their friendship and partnership in crime originated back in the 1990s, when Harley appeared in the animated series “Batman”. In a recent Fear State Batman event, Harley and Ivy’s romantic love helps save the day: Harley reunites different parts of Poison Ivy, and then recalls Pam talks about her humanity, which then prompts Ivy to calm the panicked city with her pheromones. Now the couple finds time to explore their own adventures; In “Poison Ivy”, Pam embarks on a journey to help save the Greenery, but the catch is that she kills humanity for this.

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In “Poison Ivy #2” by J. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara, Arifa Prianto and Hassan Otsman-Elhau, Poison Ivy makes a pit stop to explain why she is not a vegetarian and spread more spores that end up killing those she infects. In a roadside diner, Pam meets a number of completely human characters, including a smiling family, a kind cook and a seemingly harmless poet. However, it turns out that the poet is wanted by the police for fraud using electronic means of communication. After having lunch with her, Pam decides to buy time for the woman, despite her desire to kill everyone in the diner. “But you know me,” Ivy says in her letter to Harley. “I can’t resist cute blue-eyed criminals.”

Nightwing may just be the heart of the DC universe, which is part of what makes the debate surrounding his romantic life so exciting. Dick Grayson has saved the day countless times with the help of two other members of his love triangle, Barbara Gordon and Starfire, but without Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy would surely have committed mass genocide. Equating her desire to help a poet stranger in an unfamiliar place with her love for Harley Quinn (another “pretty blue-eyed criminal”), Ivy, in fact, admits that Harley helps her see humanity in others — and helps her understand that sometimes humanity is worth saving. Poison Ivy’s love for Harley Quinn definitely saved the world. This, of course, saved the poet-fraudster from arrest.

Despite the huge attention to Nightwing’s love triangle over the years, Harley Quinn’s Poison Ivy romance is the real beating heart of the DC universe, because without it, this heart would stop beating. With only two releases, Ivy poses a huge threat to humanity, but constant reminders of Harley Quinn seem to keep her from being truly destroyed. Fans will have to wait and see if this love will be enough to prevent Poison Ivy from completely killing humanity.