Forget About Deleting Screenshots On iPhone With This App


Apple users usually have some problem with managing the internal space of their mobile device at some point. Choosing a good capacity is important so as not to depend in the future on a cloud storage service or, failing that, on an external peripheral. But sometimes you can automate a process as simple as deleting screenshots easily on your iPhone.

How to automatically delete screenshots

One of the coolest features on any phone today is the use of screenshots. It is a very useful function for all kinds of situations such as saving the editing parameters for a photograph, photographing a document that you have on the screen or even taking a photo of a website from which you have seen a gift and want to remember it. And this is just a short list of things you can do with this feature.

But of course, not everything can be good when using this feature. The bad part of this function is that if you use it a lot you can end up with a reel full of images that sooner or later will stop being useful to you. That is why it is best to do without all those images that you no longer need and that can be achieved thanks to an application to delete screenshots on your iPhone.

Its name is Auto-Delete Screenshots and it works within the Apple Shortcuts application with which you can automate this process. It is an application that works like a rule of a messaging service where you must indicate the folder in which it has to search, the days or date from which it has to do the deletion. Once you set this feature you won’t have to worry about searching or deleting screenshots from your iPhone, especially since they are always saved with the same name.

If what you want is to keep some, we recommend that you mark them as favorites and that you establish in the rules that it does not delete what you have marked in those folders. If, on the other hand, you do not want to delete them permanently, it is best to make a copy in the cloud or an external storage device and delete them from your smartphone to save space.