The forest fire in Chernobyl cannot be extinguished: it reached Pripyat (video)


The ongoing fire in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant reached Pripyat, the former settlement as of Monday afternoon.

Yaroslav Emelianenko, from the exclusion zone management, also noted that the fire also approached Podlesniy radioactive waste disposal facilities and about 2 km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

“The situation is critical,” Emelianenko wrote in a message from his Facebook account. The region is on fire. Local authorities report that everything is under control, but in fact the fire is quickly capturing new areas… Now the fire has reached Pripyat and is two kilometers away from the entire radioactive waste storage facilities, where the most radioactive waste is collected from the Chernobyl region and Chernobyl itself. ” said.

Emelianenko emphasized that the Chernobyl fires continued to be extinguished on the tenth day and that the fire continued to spread due to the wind despite the firefighting, “and now it is heading towards the city of Pripyat and the dangerous objects of the Exclusion Zone.” said.

According to the satellite map in the NASA FIRMS source, which shows the fires on the map,;c:30.1,51.4;d:2020-04-12), fire, Chernobyl nuclear about 500 m to the power plant. Away.

At the same time, the Ukrainian State Emergency Service announced on Monday (April 13th) that they continued to extinguish fires, together with forest guards, from 13:00 onwards in the Exclusion and Unconditional (Mandatory) Resettlement Zone of the State Emergency Service.

Also, according to the State Emergency Service, radiation in Kiev and the Kiev region is within normal limits.

“In the exclusion and unconditional (mandatory) displacement zone, the power levels of the equivalent gamma radiation dose have not changed (Chernobyl – 0.020 mR / hour, acceptable 0.055 mR / hour level)”.


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