Foreo Bear with smart microcurrent technology arrives in Brazil


Foreo Bear: This Monday (21), a new skin care device full of technology arrived in Brazil: the Foreo Bear. Launched on the international market in 2020, the electrical device uses low-voltage microcurrent to stimulate and tone the skin.

The gadget also features T-Sonic, Foreo’s patented sonic pulse technology that is present in all of the brand’s devices and helps massage the face. In addition, Bear is the only device that has the Anti-Shock System, an integrated system that guarantees home treatments without the risk of shocks, as it uses sensors to measure the skin’s resistance to electricity in real time and adjust the intensity.

In short, Foreo Bear combines all these technologies to increase cellular metabolism, speed up the tissue repair process and reduce the points of greatest muscular tension on the face, smoothing the appearance of lines, for example.

How to use Foreo Bear?

Foreo recommends that Bear be used five times a week, once a day (morning or evening), in treatments lasting one to three minutes. After 60 days, the manufacturer says that it is enough to use it between two and three times a week to maintain the results.

Download the FOREO For You app, activate Bluetooth and sync your device with the app;
Clean your face with a facial soap and, if desired, use Foreo Luna cleansing brushes;
Apply a thin layer of a water-based conductive serum and massage until completely absorbed;
Select your pre-defined routine and the intensity of the microcurrent through the application or manually with the button located on the device body;
Slide Foreo Bear into desired areas including chin, cheeks, neck and forehead. The device will automatically turn off when the routine ends;
Continue with your usual skin care routine.


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