Ford To Produce Chips In Partnership With GlobalFoundries


Ford: In an attempt to alleviate the problems caused by the global shortage of chips, Ford announced this Thursday (18) that it will produce the components in partnership with GlobalFoundries (GF). The idea is to increase the supply of semiconductors in the short and long term to its own factories and the US automotive industry.

According to the semiconductor maker headed by the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates and the American automaker, the agreement foresees the production of chips for autonomous driving, data networks in vehicles and battery management. The partners did not inform the investment amount or other contract details.

For some time, Ford has been looking for alternatives to overcome the lack of microprocessors, which has led to the suspension of car manufacturing in Brazil and worldwide, affecting sales. Like other automakers, it even prioritized the use of components received in the most profitable models last year.

“It’s critical that we create new ways of working with suppliers to give Ford — and the United States — greater independence in providing the technologies and features our customers will most value in the future,” commented company CEO Jim Farley. According to the executive, this contract is just the beginning of a new plan for technology integration.

Multiple segments affected

The most modern cars have a huge amount of chips, responsible for controlling various vehicle systems (steering, engine, battery, airbag etc). In addition to the automotive market, they are present in numerous other industries, such as cell phones, computers and household appliances, for example.

In the case of automobiles, many automakers have paralyzed their factories due to the lack of processors, a problem that could generate losses of US$ 210 billion. For Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the semiconductor crisis will last until 2023, at least, affecting the entire industry.