Ford launches Rocket League pickup in real world


Rocket League players must have already seen the Ford F-150 in matches that mix cars and football, and also realized that the edition of this vehicle within the game has some specific features, which apparently inspired Ford to provide a model with these same features in the real world.

According to a statement from the automaker itself, the model in question was recently exhibited at the Chicago Motor Show and is the result of efforts by Cinema Vehicle, responsible for preparing cars for television and movies. The main features of this version, such as the C-shaped headlamp and the F-150 emblem on the rear, are present on the real model.

See below how this edition turned out:

It was also mentioned that the F-150 Rocket League Edition also features body graphics, 37-inch tires, rocket vents in the taillights, a rocket turbine in the bucket and a wider gauge than the F-150 Raptor.

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