Ford Increases Investments In Electric Vehicles


Ford, which increased its investments in electric vehicles, made a purchase. Ford acquires charge management and fleet tracking software provider Electiphi.

Continuing its investments in the electric vehicle market without slowing down, Ford made a new purchase agreement. The company announced that it has acquired Electiphi, a California-based provider of charge management and fleet tracking software for electric vehicles.

According to the agreement made by Ford, teams and services belonging to Electriphi will be integrated into Ford Pro for commercial customers. With the Ford Pro, the company aims to strengthen its technology to aid the transition to electric vehicle fleets.

“Ford eliminates the tank charging problem”

Commenting on the acquisition, Pro CEO Ted Cannis said, “As commercial customers add electric vehicles to their fleet, they also want tank charging options. “With the help of Ford Electriphi technology, the goal of being a single-source solution for fleet tank charging has also been achieved.”

Ford acquisition of Electriphi comes at a time when the company is launching all-electric versions of its Transit vans, the F-150 pickup trucks. The F-150 Lighting hit the market in May, and the company received 70,000 bookings just one week after the launch.

The company also announced in May that it has invested $30 billion in e-mobility, including two platforms, by 2025. The project includes one modular platform for bulky models such as cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and delivery vehicles, and another dedicated platform for large pickup trucks.