Ford F-150 electric will be powerful


Last Thursday (17), Ford announced the construction of a new factory in Dearborn, in the United States, where the electric version of the F-150 pickup will be produced. During the event, the automaker also confirmed the debut of the model, rival to Tesla Cybertruck and the electric Hummer, for mid-2022.

Located within the historic Rouge Center, the same location from which the first Ford A units left, in the 1920s, the new facility required an initial investment of US $ 700 million and will generate 300 jobs. The company’s expectation is that it will be ready in the second half of next year.

In addition to the 100% electric powered version of the F-150, currently under development and undergoing simulated tests in the laboratory and on real tracks, the new industrial plant will also stage the battery assembly and the production of a hybrid version of the pickup.

According to Ford manufacturing director Gary Johnson, the new wing for the production of electric cars will use some sections of the current building, such as the parts where production and bodywork take place. Still according to him, the factory’s production capacity will be dictated by the demand for the electric truck.

New details about the electric pickup

Ford took advantage of the event to release new information about the F-150 EV. According to the automaker, the model will have two electric motors capable of providing more power and torque than any F-150 ever launched. It will also have the fastest line acceleration and the greatest towing capacity.

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The model will also bring a technology that will allow it to be used as a mobile power source for camping and work places, in addition to a “giant front trunk”, to transport valuable items more safely.


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