Ford electric Transit minibus introduction date!


Ford will reveal an electric version of its popular Transit van on November 12th. The company will not start production of the vehicle before 2021. Ford aims to be one of the pioneers of electric delivery vehicles with its minibus named E-Transit.

Ford is expected to provide information on the battery capacity, estimated range and other performance characteristics of the minibus at the promotional event. In particular, range is among the important criteria for minibuses to be used for delivery. Ford gave the hint of the electric Transit last year.

In the statement made by the company on the subject, the following statements are made: “The way we power the world and our vehicles is changing. That’s why we are at the right time for a new type of Transit. This will be the backbone of businesses and a tool that will serve the community and the environment. ”

Ford E-Transit will hit the market in a new wave of electric vehicles. Most of these vehicles will be cars for individual use. However, there will be options for commercial use among them.


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