Ford E-Transit introduction date announced


The popularity of electric vehicles has enabled commercial vehicles to evolve in this regard. Tesla introduced Semi, an electric truck model, in recent years. After companies such as Fiat, Karsan and Temsa, Ford announced that it will enter the market with the E-Transit model.

Ford E-Transit introduction date announced

The company made some statements about the new Transit model in recent weeks. Although its features such as battery capacity, range and load capacity are not yet known, it is stated that the new model will be produced after 2021.

Ford E-Transit tanıtım tarihi açıklandı

Ford, which announced its new model for Europe last year, Electric Transit, announced that the new name of the model will be E-Transit. Company officials said, “The way we power the world and our vehicles is changing. We will continue to move forward with a zero emission target. For this reason, we wanted to develop the electric version of the Transit model, which is the backbone of the commercial vehicle world, while serving both our customers and the world. ”Used expressions.

The company announced that it will introduce its new model on November 12. Working in partnership with Volkswagen on commercial pickup trucks, Ford wants to maintain its dominance in the market with its new model.

Being the best-selling cargo vehicle in the US market, Transit has recently begun to compete with the Sprinter developed by Mercedes. Mercedes introduced the electric version of the Sprinter model. In addition, General Motors, one of Ford’s biggest competitors in commercial vehicles, started to work on the BV1 electric delivery van.

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