Ford and Lyft Announce Autonomous Taxis in Miami for 2021


Ford: The automaker Ford and the transport and passenger platform Lyft announced this Wednesday (21) a partnership to make autonomous vehicles available in the Miami region by the end of 2021. The alliance also includes Argo AI, a vehicle autonomy platform that works together with Ford in the development of the cars.

The project will be implemented from a system of autonomous taxis and is the first time that different companies have contributed their own specializations to the complete autonomy process — that is, the sensor technology, transport application and the vehicle itself.

The US city of Miami will be the first to receive service by the end of 2021, with expansion already scheduled to Austin, Texas, in early 2022.

Not all areas of the region will be freed for autonomous transport at this first moment, but a fleet of 1,000 cars is scheduled to take to the streets in the next five years. Tests in the capital Washington are already underway and she is expected to be third in line.

All connected

To assist with the technology’s implementation, Ford will provide commercial support, fueling and cleaning as part of operations, as well as working with local authorities to optimize fleet use. The automaker’s deadline set in 2016 was to put autonomous vehicles on the streets this year, and the alliance with Lyft is also old.

As part of the collaboration, Argo IA will use Lyft’s customer data to further improve the range system, as well as increase the accuracy of sensors and autopilot functions. On the other hand, the transport company will be entitled to 2.5% of the licensing and data usage value.


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