Ford, 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition Tailored to the Legend


Ford released the promotional trailer of the Ford GT Heritage Edition, which was produced in honor of the legendary car Ford GT40, which achieved a great victory in 1966. The new model appeared in the trailer in its clearest form to date.

The 2020 model Ford GT model has managed to be an eye-catching model with its design and performance. However, Ford is thinking of going back to the past with a new model it will launch in 2021. The company will launch a new model exclusive to the famous and original Ford GT40 that beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

This special model, which will be launched in 2021, will debut under the name Ford GT Heritage Edition. Ford also shared a short video on YouTube for this model, which will meet with us soon. In the video shared by Ford, the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition was shown to us at very short intervals.

Introducing the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition:

Short transitions between Ford GT40 and Ford GT Heritage Edition appeared in the video, which was only 12 seconds long. As far as we can see from the clearest images of the vehicle, Ford will have the coating of the 1966 Ford GT40, which won the Daytona in the new model.

This means that the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition will have a white paint, a black hood and a red-black sticker with the 98 number. However, as far as we can see in the video, although the colors of the coating will be the same, the vehicle will not carry the original coating design of the 1966 Ford GT40.

Ford GT40, which has a very important story for Ford, had a very important victory in Daytona in the 1966 season. The legendary car number 98, driven by Miles and Lloyd Ruby, finished the race as the leader from start to finish. In the same year, Ford was the top 3 in the Le Mans race.

Ford will unveil the 2021 GT Heritage Edition at the Petersen Museum, hosting the virtual ‘Car Week’ event in Los Angeles tomorrow. The demonstration will be broadcast live on the museum’s YouTube account. The event in the museum will end with the end of the live broadcast, which will begin at 18:30.



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