Force One’s Line Of Gaming Peripherals Brings Great Value For Money


Force One, a brand known for its gaming chairs, recently launched its line of peripherals aimed at the gaming world, and Voxel had the opportunity to test the Avro keyboard, the Gripen mouse and the Skyhawk mousepads. Check it out below!

Durable and accurate

With small edges, the keyboard doesn’t take up much space, and because it’s made with a textured plastic, it prevents fingers from slipping easily. Its buttons were also made with the Doubleshot technique, that is, even after a long time of use, the characters on the keys will not be erased, which increases the product’s useful life.

Being a wired and mechanical model, Avro has high-performance blue switches that provide a good response during gameplay, and its Anti-Ghosting technology of up to 25 keys helps to offer more precision, even in the most tense moments of your favorite games.

If you intend to use the peripheral for activities other than games, it is worth mentioning that — like most mechanical keyboards — it follows the international standard, so it does not have the “Ç” and some accents are in different positions of the devices that follow. the ABNT layout, however, is nothing too complex to get used to.

For those who like customization, here’s a nice detail: the Avron also comes with a set of black keys and tweezers, so you can switch between the two colors or even mix them up to your liking.

In addition, they are very soft and responsive, but unfortunately they make a considerable amount of noise, which can be noticed during nighttime or quieter periods.

Its backlight is very fun and colorful, and can be customized and even turned off on the device itself, in addition to making it much easier to use in low light environments, however, it would be easier if the peripheral had its own driver to change these settings.