Force One: Commercial Director Analyzes The Gamer Chair Market


Force One: With more and more people working from home or even looking for greater comfort when playing their video games, the market for gamer chairs is quite heated, which makes many wonder what is the best gamer chair to buy today.

And Voxel had the pleasure of talking to João Paulo Martins, commercial director of Force One! Check out how our chat went below:

Can you tell us a little bit about Force One?

João Paulo Martins: Force One is a Brazilian gamer brand whose main differentials are quality and cost-effectiveness. It was created and developed by passionate gamers, aiming to deliver what the community demands in terms of ergonomics and performance.

The chairs are made with high quality materials to guarantee the safety, durability and comfort that the public expects and deserves. We always seek to evolve and take our products to credible partners, who attest to this quality and give us feedback to improve even further.

We recently announced a partnership with Fluxo, one of the main eSports teams in Brazil. This important step in our history also reflects our objective to support and be part of the development of the competitive gaming scene in Brazil. We think like our audience because we are part of it.

What is the Brazilian public most looking for when buying a gamer chair?

The Brazilian is a demanding consumer who seeks products that combine comfort, quality and attractive appearance, in addition to excellent value for money. It is important to emphasize that in the Force One portfolio there are products with different characteristics, which meet individual demands, but always with high quality material, good coating and structure. In this way, in addition to meeting the main requirements of users, we offer products that will accompany players for a long time.


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