For those who want high sound quality: Philips Fidelio X3

Although in-ear wireless headphones have become very popular today, on-ear headphones continue to attract great attention. The main reason for this is that people who are defined as audiophiles want to listen to the sound in the highest quality, or in other words, in its most natural form. Philips Fidelio X3 is one of the best solutions for users at this point.

Launched as the flagship of the Philips Fidelio series, the headset won the 2020 iF Design Award and reddot awards. The headset, which has a high-level design, manages to stand out with its unique lines compared to its competitors.

Philips Fidelio X3 stands out with its features

The 50mm acoustic drivers in the Fidelio X3 feature diaphragms filled with polymer layers of stop gel. Thanks to these flexible and smooth diaphragms, the headset, which offers a very balanced sound, manages to offer an effective bass without suppressing other tones. In other words, it is possible to get a clear sound experience in both medium and high frequencies.

Certified by Hi-RES Audio, the X3 has dual-layer earshells that reduce resonance and vibration. Neodymium drivers are produced with a 15 degree inclination to provide optimum clarity at high frequencies by adapting to the natural geometry of the ear.

The box of Philips Fidelio X3 includes a cable clip, 3.5 mm – 6.3 mm adapter, 2 cables of 3 meters in length. The headset has a 3.5 mm connector and 2.5 mm balanced connection.

The headset comes in black and gray color options, with the Fidelio X3 on the upper side and the Philips logo on the side. With real Scottish Muirhead leather, Danish Kvadrat acoustic fabric and metal, it manages to make it feel like a high-end product.

While the outer headband adds a reassuring weight to the headset, the lightweight ear cup cushions with memory foam are ideal for listening to music for long periods of time. Kvadrat fabric, which allows the air to move freely in it, reduces the air pressure accumulated behind the diaphragm and offers an impressive and deep sound.



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