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Huawei Smart Scale 3, Huawei’s newest smart scale that provides users with advanced and comprehensive health measurements, measures 11 key body indicators such as body weight, body mass index, fat ratio, skeletal muscle mass and basal metabolic rate. With the Huawei TruFit body composition model, the Huawei Smart Scale 3 achieves an impressive level of accuracy. The scale also provides index analysis reports.

Huawei Smart Scale 3, which allows users to access their data through the Huawei Health application, includes weight, body mass index, body fat ratio, lean mass, skeletal muscle mass, body water percentage, protein, bone mineral content, visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate and heart. He works as a health assistant who monitors 11 different basic health indicators, including the pulse, reveals the results of the users’ exercises day by day and reports the changes in their bodies in detail.

Huawei partnered with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hefei Institutes of Physical Sciences to develop the Huawei TruFit body composition model. This technology is based on big data verification and AI technology, as well as bioelectrical impedance analysis and other indicators. The algorithm is constantly being optimized to more accurately measure fat mass, skeletal muscle and other body composition indicators.

Fat mass at the same weight is about 3 times the muscle mass. For this reason, individuals with higher body fat will appear larger. The low ratio of skeletal muscle also makes it difficult to lose weight. With Huawei Smart Scale 3, your body fat ratio can be monitored and skeletal muscle assessments are taken and weight can be lost like professionals.

Using the Huawei Health application, a detailed body composition analysis is created for the convenience of the user. Based on scientific analysis, the app also guides the user to help achieve better results.

Huawei Smart Scale 3 helps the user to monitor every step towards fitness while keeping the user up to date on training results. The user can set the exercise mode and customize the fat burning plan accordingly.

For added convenience, Huawei Smart Scale 3 supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. After connecting with Wi-Fi, the user can use the scale without opening the application. Based on historical data, family members can be intelligently identified. Since all records are automatically uploaded to the cloud and data is sent to the relevant accounts, they can be viewed anytime and anywhere from the Huawei Health application.

With its tempered glass panel and pure white appearance, Huawei Smart Scale 3 offers the user a clean and detailed design. The weighing panel layout, 3.5 mm high low-profile feet and silicone rubber non-slip pads, which have been made suitable for different age groups as a result of thousands of tests, allow the user to measure on the floor at any time.

Huawei Smart Scales are offered to consumers through the Huawei Online Store at the recommended end-user price.


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