For this reason fans are concerned about the future of the series


As we well know, viewers of the Chicago franchises throughout their seasons have been forced to endure various tragedies on these three hit shows. That is why many of the actors have been left with no option when it comes to withdrawing from these dramas.

It was recently announced that Jesse Spencer, Captain Matt Casey, would be leaving the show and unsurprisingly, his departure was a huge blow to fans of the NBC franchise. Fortunately, though, Captain Matt Casey didn’t live a cruel death.

Quite simply, Matt Casey moved to the Portland Fire Department so that he could help raise the children of his deceased best friend. Although this exit was positive, fans of the One Chicago universe are continually lamenting the exits of the Chicago Fire characters, especially now that the departure of another individual is rumored.

Chicago Fire fans have been in a relationship between Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) for a while. As we well know, the character of Stella, was absent for much of the tenth season of the installment.

Faced with this strange withdrawal, Chicago Fire fans remained alert and only waited for the worst to happen, hinting that this character would be the next on the list to say goodbye to this attraction. The rumors grew even more when they noticed that the actress Miranda Rae was not in the photographs of the last episode.

Due to the reactions of his characters, the showrunner recently confirmed Kidd’s future in the series, as detailed by Derek Haas: β€œYes, he is back forever. But he has a lot to explain, and it’s not just about explaining to Boden why he didn’t return right away when he heard Casey leaving. But also because he ignored Kelly when obviously he was trying to contact her and had her best interest in mind. ”

“The next installment of episodes will certainly be the driving force behind them being Stella Kidd’s return to 51 and all the ramifications of that.”

Despite the way that Stella and Severide exchanged glances at the end of episode 9, it seems their engagement could be about to face a truly tragic ending. Now it remains to wait until 2022 to see what happens to the fate of the couple.