For the first time in several weeks, “Very Strange Things” did not become the most popular TV show on Netflix


Although the first season of Squid Game was the reigning champion in the number of TV show views on Netflix, becoming a global phenomenon a few weeks after its release, its biggest competitor to date has been the obsessively discussed horror hit “Very Strange Things”. The first batch of episodes of season 4 quickly took first place in the daily list of the 10 best streaming services after the premiere on May 27, and since then the show has remained in this first place. At least until now, when “Very Strange Things” was first pushed out of slot #1 by another group of weirdos who developed strange abilities in their youth.

Before “Very Strange Things” could take the first place in the list of the 10 best Netflix TV shows for a month, the streaming service released another long-awaited series for impatient fans. Thus, the 3rd season of Umbrella Academy officially became the most popular series on the platform on Thursday, June 23, a day after the premiere of all ten episodes preventing the apocalypse. It seems the Wheeler and Byers families don’t know anything about the Hargreaves siblings, Amirit? (Although Priya Ferguson’s Erica Sinclair would definitely be formidable enough to pose a threat.)

Currently, Netflix (opens in a new tab) has not yet released the actual viewing statistics of the third season of The Umbrella Academy, but it can be assumed that its first weekly amount will be quite large. To be honest, I don’t see it coming close to surpassing the record early numbers that the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” gave out, since it was a relatively rare phenomenon, backed up by thriller episodes with returns exceeding the traditional run time for “hour-long” series.

But I am sure that more than 100 million hours have been watched at Umbrella Academy for the heroes jumping along the timeline destroying the alternate universe, since the last weekly total number of “Very Strange Cases” exceeded 106 million (for the week from June 13 to June 19). . Given the fairly solid rumor, as well as mostly positive critical reactions, I don’t see the audience of the new season facing a sharp drop in the near future. After all, no one can truly deny the power of Stephen King’s “Free” dance and Easter Eggs.

It is noteworthy that the current top 10 list does not include any of the first two seasons of “Umbrella Academy”, while all three previous seasons of “Very Strange Things” re-entered both the daily and weekly top 10 lists, as fans reviewed them to catch up on the eve of the new season. episodes. (Apart from just re-viewing in general, of course.) This indicates that the thirst for more Umbrella-related comics was not as strong as the need for more Upside-Down horror in the minds of Netflix subscribers.

It’s likely that Umbrella Academy will hold this top slot most of the time between the release of season 3 and the upcoming premiere of the last two episodes of season 4 of Very Strange Cases, which we hope will answer all of our biggest questions during their over-extended run time. Given that Netflix did not specifically mark the first seven episodes as Part 1 in its comprehensive Top 10 counts, it can be assumed that the platform will take into account the remaining two parts along with the rest of Season 4, which gives the series much more attention. shot at the top Squid Game once and for all. Or at least until the upcoming second season of Squid Game rules the streaming world next year.

In the meantime, be sure to check out how the bumbling heroes of “Umbrella Academy” are trying to survive Kugelblitz (among other things), since all three seasons are currently available for streaming on Netflix.