For the first time dad: such was the birth for Daniel Aminati


How did Daniel Aminati (49) survive this moment? At the end of August, the moderator pleased his fans: after all, then he announced that he had become a father for the first time. Together with his wife Patrice Aminati, he welcomed little Charlie Malika into the world. Daniel was present at the birth–but what was this moment for him? Now he has told his fans about the first moments with his daughter.

“I even cut the umbilical cord,” Daniel proudly posted on Instagram. Before that, he had experienced several horror scenarios, but in the end it wasn’t so bad: “It was so transparent and transparent, the umbilical cord… I would never imagine her like this.” When he saw his baby for the first time, he was stunned, after which he even stopped filming the meeting: “Then I put away my mobile phone because I really wanted to relive this moment live.”

The birth certificate of his little daughter was very emotional for him, Daniel added: “Of course you are shocked. Her first scream pierced me to the marrow of my bones and legs.” But the tears came later: “I guess I was so overwhelmed by all these impressions.”


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